Take a Peek Into the Guinea Pig Guide

Would you like to have a peek into The Guinea Pig Guide book? you can access the entire 18-page first section – The Piggie Preliminaries – for free by signing up for the Guinea Pig Guide newsletter (also free and never any spam!). You can also take a look at the full book’s table of contents (in PDF) below. I hope you enjoy the preview and if you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact me!


The Guinea Pig Guide Table of Contents

The guinea pig guide is loaded (and I mean loaded!) with information, as you’ll see in the table of contents! If you want to skip the free guide and head straight to the whole shebang after seeing all of the goodies awaiting you (I don’t blame you!), please feel free to head on over to the book details page to see more!

Have a peek at the Guinea Pig Guide table of contents