Are you interested in spreading the word about guinea pig care and earning some money for doing it? That sounded pretty great to me, so I’m happy to share with you the Guinea Pig Guide affiliate program!

What the Affiliate Program is

An affiliate program involves sharing a special link with affiliates (that’s you!) who then use that link on their website/blog/Facebook page/wherever they’d like to share products from The Guinea Pig Guide with their audience. When someone clicks on your special link, they’re brought to The Guinea Pig Guide as normal, and if they make a purchase at any time within the next 6 months, you get a percentage of the sale! It’s my way of saying thank you for spreading the word about the book.

How Much Can Guinea Pig Guide Affiliates Make?

Guinea Pig Guide affiliates get 30% of the total checkout amount! So, for example, if someone purchased the Guinea Pig Guide VIP deluxe bundle worth $99 after using your link, you would receive $33. As for how much you could make overall, the sky’s the limit! The more customers tied to your link, the more you make. There is no cap on how much you can earn, so if you have a large audience who you think would be a great fit for Guinea Pig Guide products, especially if you’re an organization like a rescue or shelter, this could be an amazing program for you.

How Payment Works

Affiliates get paid monthly via PayPal. Payments are sent mid-month and include the prior month’s earnings. This means whatever you earned for September would be paid to you October 15. You’ll automatically receive email notifications whenever anyone makes a purchase as a result of your affiliate link so you can keep track of how much to expect to be paid. It’s super exciting to see those emails come in!

How to Sign Up

Signing up to be a When Guinea Pigs Fly affiliate is super quick, and free! Important: affiliates never ever pay a fee. The site used to manage this program is called and can be a little bit confusing to navigate. When you sign up for an account, it looks as though you’re signing up for a ‘free trial’ but that is only if you also plan on selling your own items using e-junkie’s shopping cart software. If you’re sharing affiliate links it is completely free.

To sign up to be an affiliate, click this link and then click on the ‘register for free trial’ link (again, always free for affiliates): e-junkie affiliate sign-up

Once you’ve created your account, click here to join the Guinea Pig Guide affiliate program. This will load the affiliate link for The Guinea Pig Guide into your account for you.

To find your Guinea Pig Guide affiliate link, visit the ‘Affiliate Admin’ section (seen in the top menu. You can click this link to take you there if you’re lost).

Once there, click “Get Affiliate Code” in the list under the “Manage Your Affiliate Account” header. This will bring you to the ‘select merchant’ page.

Click the drop-down list and select The Guinea Pig Guide, and then click ‘Get Affiliate Code’ to reveal the link to use.

The link you’ll see is called a ‘hop link’, meaning it applies to everything offered at The Guinea Pig Guide. When someone clicks your unique hop link, they’ll be sent to and any orders they place as a result of getting there from your link will earn you a commission. Pretty awesome! The page gives you an HTML snippet to embed with link text or an image of your choice on your website. If you need any help with any of this, please let me know!

Banner images and code snippets for you to use are coming soon!