If you’re reading this right now, I have a hunch that you ::might:: like guinea pigs.

These sweet little nuggets capture the hearts of humans every day, but many people are surprised to find out just how much special care they require, and they’re left to scour for information on their own.

This was my situation 8 years ago, and might be yours right now.

“No big deal!” you say, “I’ll just look up the answers to my questions online!” You then begin down the treacherous path of Internet piggie research, never to return agai-…er…I mean… returning weary and overwhelmed.

  • Nothing seems consistent.
  • Everyone has a different (often very strong) opinion
  • Some sources answer some of your questions but leave you with a dozen others
  • Traditional guinea pig care books are often dry or too general.
  • Forums can be very intimidating, sometimes even hostile.

You just want one source you can refer to that’s easy to read and thorough and friendly and flexible and super mega heart-meltingly cute, so you can spend less time stressfully searching for information and more time spending time with your guinea pig. Is that too much to ask?!

I’m here to tell you no. No it’s not.


The Guinea Pig Guide - The Ridiculously Cute Guide to Comprehensive Cavy Care

An easy to read, fully illustrated, downloadable book that helps piggie parents of all experience levels
learn all about their cavy companions and how to care for them. With confidence!

The Guinea Pig Guide is now available for download


With over 100 pages filled to the brim with information and adorable illustrations, The Guinea Pig Guide makes it easy to learn everything you need to know to give your guinea pig a long, happy, healthy life with you.

Basically, it’s the book I wish I had when I was smuggling my very first
guinea pig into my college dorm. (shh… you didn’t hear about that…)

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Over the course of 6 cheerful chapters, you will learn about dozens of guinea pig care topics, including things like:

  • What goes into giving your guinea pig proper living quarters
  • Knowing how to safely clean/sanitize a cage and how often
  • Handling your guinea pig properly
  • Learning what different guinea pig noises mean
  • How to help your guinea pig to feel comfortable and be social around humans
  • Knowing how to quickly and easily check for potential health issues that often go unnoticed until it’s too late
  • Exactly what to feed your guinea pig and how much
  • The two absolutely essential components to a guinea pig’s diet that some guinea pig owners overlook
  • Toys and cage accessories you can make at home
  • How to identify a proper guinea pig veterinarian
  • How to introduce multiple guinea pigs to one another
  • How often and how to bathe a guinea pig
  • How to clip your guinea pig’s nails and how often
  • Where to find affordable, high quality guinea pig food, hay and supplies

and so much more. So much…like…almost an embarrassing amount more.


To satisfy the form-filler-outer-lover in me all of us, The Guinea Pig Guide also includes these fun extras to make caring for your guinea pig as organized and stress-free as possible:

The Guinea Pig Guide guinea pig care book comes with printable charts and a resource list to help you stay organized

  • A resources directory with all sorts of helpful links to guinea pig organizations, vendors, artisans, hay and food suppliers and other guinea pig-related businesses
  • Super-cute printable pre-adoption essentials checklist
  • Super-cute printable weekly weight chart
  • Super-cute printable veterinary questionnaire

Want to take a peek at everything that’s included in The Guinea Pig Guide?

Have a look at the full table of contents here (link is a PDF).

The Guinea Pig Guide table of contents

What the Piggie People are Saying

Okay. By now you’re probably busting out of your chair to get your hands on the guide, but just in case you’re still not quite sure, here is what some VIPPs (that’s Very Important Piggie People!) have had to say about The Guinea Pig Guide:


Guinea Pig Guide Testimonial - Dave RogersGuinea Pig Guide Testimonial - Debby MilledgeGuinea Pig Guide Testimonial - Melissa McAvaddyGuinea Pig Guide Testimonial - Kathy Anderson

So what do you say? Are you ready to give your guinea pig a long and happy life, and have fun doing it?

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Bundle 2 contains The Guinea Pig Guide and How to Draw Super Cute Guinea Pigs - what a deal!

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